SOSPCO Response to 4/9 Announcement of a Tentative Agreement

On Tuesday evening, SOSPCO member Jon Eisenberg made this statement to the press on our behalf.  A couple of outlets picked up a portion of it, but we want you to see the whole thing.

“While we are pleased that SPCO and the musicians have reached agreement on a framework leading to a “play and talk” situation, this further reinforces management’s failure to appropriately handle the situation because the musicians have always been willing to continue to work during these negotiations. It makes us ask the question: Why did management consider it necessary to lock out the musicians for over five months—resulting in the loss of music for the audience, loss of income for the musicians, harm to the surrounding businesses, and damage to the orchestra’s reputation?

“Since this agreement still only leads to a “play and talk” situation and there is a long way to go before any contract is signed, we will continue to advance potential alternative solutions with our Exploratory Committee in order to insure that we preserve a world class chamber orchestra in our community.”

Here is a link to a news story from MPR:

Drew McManus, on his “Adaptistration” blog, is advising “wait and see.”  Here is a link to his analysis:

One Response to “SOSPCO Response to 4/9 Announcement of a Tentative Agreement”

  1. Lois Hall April 12, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

    “Musician negotiator Carole Mason Smith said her committee now will recommend musicians accept a proposal made by SPCO management last week.” per the MPR article.

    The proposal made by SPCO management guts the orchestra and demeans the world class musicians who make up the current orchestra. One can reasonably expect an exodus of musicians and an inability to attract world class artists. And yet, the negotiating committee recommends the musicians accept this? How is anything the SOSPCO does at this point going to improve the situation if the musicians do not stand up for themselves?

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