Concerts Canceled through 4/21; Musicians Voice Concerns about Organization’s Viability in their Negotiations Update

On March 5, SPCO Management announced another month’s-worth of concert cancellations, through April 21.  That announcement can be found here:

The Musicians of The SPCO voiced concerns about the organization’s continued viability in their update on the day’s negotiations.  That announcement can be found here:

If you hold tickets for canceled concerts (even ones that were canceled earlier in the season), you should have received an email announcing the cancellations and offering you the opportunity to have your tickets refunded.  We at SOSPCO would like to suggest that you take advantage of this offer.  Having to refund ticket revenues could provide just the extra incentive management needs to end the lockout.  You could also donate that money directly to the musicians or buy tickets to future possible “lockout” concerts (although no additional concerts have been scheduled at this point because so many of the musicians are out of town, temporarily playing for other orchestras to make ends meet).  Or, best scenario, if the lockout is ended and a new contract is signed that is truly acceptable to the musicians, you could donate those refunded ticket dollars back to SPCO!

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