Action Alert! Ask your legislators to support penalizing public fund grant recipients who lock out their employees

3/11/13 Update: According to the Legislature’s “bill tracker” page, HF 602 (which incorporates the former HF 601) was passed in its amended form by the House Labor, Workplace & Regulated Industries Committee today and referred to the Jobs & Economic Development Finance & Policy Committee.  It isn’t listed on the JEDFP committee’s agendas yet. The […]

Concerts Canceled through 4/21; Musicians Voice Concerns about Organization’s Viability in their Negotiations Update

On March 5, SPCO Management announced another month’s-worth of concert cancellations, through April 21.  That announcement can be found here: The Musicians of The SPCO voiced concerns about the organization’s continued viability in their update on the day’s negotiations.  That announcement can be found here: If you hold tickets for canceled concerts (even […]

Letter to SPCO Board: “…we are convinced that the current management and Board of Directors simply do not have the vision, energy and skills needed to lead the organization into the future.”

Save Our SPCO Core Team members Jon & Jill Eisenberg sent this articulate, comprehensive and direct letter to SPCO Management and Board on March 4.  They express their anger and frustration at the “talk and talk and talk” negotiations strategy that seems to be leading nowhere.  They counter SPCO claims about finances and ticket prices. […]

SOSPCO Testimony at State Legislative Legacy Committee Meeting 2/12/13 and Subsequent Legislation

Both the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra have received significant funding from the Minnesota Legacy Amendment’s Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.  The House of Representatives Legacy Committee, chaired by Representative Phyllis Kahn, sought public comment from management, musicians and the community. SPCO Board Chair and President Dobson West attended this Hearing, but […]

Informational Leafleting at the “Liquid Music” Concerts Feb. 26 & 27

Months ago, SPCO management received notification from the Musicians Union that union musicians can not work for the Liquid Music series as long as the orchestra is locked out. But somehow management convinced union musicians Sarah Kirkland Snider and yMusic that it would be OK. On Tuesday they withdrew from this series, but non-union musician […]