Who We Are

“Save Our SPCO” (SOSPCO) is a group of supporters of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra who are distressed by orchestra management’s apparent lack of respectful and constructive negotiation with the musicians.

We are ticket holders, donors, and volunteers as well as listeners to SPCO’s recordings and broadcasts.

Scroll down on this page to see a list of our members and supporters.

Our Mission

We seek to provide a voice for fellow supporters who do not want to see this priceless and unique community treasure, so many years in the making, destroyed. We do not want to see these brilliant musicians move away or be forced to find other work. We do not want the “ripple effects” of empty concert halls to harm workers in service and support industries. We hope to inform and mobilize the wider community about the issues and about the need to bring the lockout to an end.

Your voice is important to ensuring a continued vibrant cultural and economic balance in Saint Paul and the greater Twin Cities.

You Can Help By:

  • Signing our petition to The Board of Directors of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Society. You can read and then sign it here.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter for periodic updates, insights and volunteer opportunities.
  • Visit and “like” our Facebook page, and post your own responses and observations there.
  • Share your insights with us – whose voice isn’t being heard, what information can you share, what actions would you recommend, who should be contacted?
  • Volunteer – just click here to send us an email to let us know if you would be willing to work at an information or merchandise table at a performance, or if you would like to join our weekly strategy/planning meetings, or if you can run errands for us, or do some writing, designing or lobbying, or if you’re willing to help us in some other way.
  • Lend us your name!  Would you be willing to be listed on this page as an SOSPCO supporter?  If so, just  send us an email to let us know!

Our Members and Supporters:

Save Our SPCO Members:

  • Mariellen Jacobson, Chair
  • Sarah Nagle, Secretary
  • Randal Schreiner, Treasurer
  • Anita Bealer
  • Lynne Beck
  • Cindy Bittner
  • Juliet Branca
  • Ewa Bujak
  • Ginny Campbell
  • Jon Campbell
  • Cecil Chally
  • Penny Chally
  • Maggie Cords
  • Nick Cords
  • Jill Eisenberg
  • Jon Eisenberg
  • Margot Galt
  • Donald Gault
  • Olivia Dos Gault
  • Lois Hall
  • Rosemary Kapsch
  • Kevin Kookier
  • Mark Manzella
  • Teresa Manzella
  • Kathy McGill
  • John Michel
  • David Mickens
  • Jim Millon
  • Pat Mitchell
  • Laura Nortwen
  • Yvette Oldendorf
  • Sarah Olinger
  • David Paxson
  • Nancy Paxson
  • Elmer Pierre
  • Mike Rabe
  • Betty Reichert
  • John Reichert
  • Susan Runholt
  • Vicki Ryan
  • Kathy Skor
  • Bryan Smith
  • Alex Sobieski
  • Larry Thomas
  • Mark Thoson
  • Mary Tingerthal
  • Nancy Rassier Truchinski
  • Lisa Venable
  • Fred & Dottie Waltz
  • Carol White

Save Our SPCO Supporters (send us an email to be added to this list!):

  • Jean E. Anderson
  • Rob and Clara Hardy
  • Gayle Burdick
  • Sandra Sherman
  • Karen Weium
  • Franklin Hotzel
  • Jill & Jonathan Eisenberg
  • Kathryn Sharpe
  • Carol Leitschuh
  • Bert & Cynthia Weberg
  • Sylvia Oxcuhaw
  • Susan Macpherson
  • Ray Hathaway
  • Mary Shamrock
  • Margie Carlson
  • Ben Cherryhomes
  • David Gibson
  • Conrad Soderholm
  • Ken Latham
  • Grayce Hartman
  • Rossi & Penelope Snipper
  • Ruth-Ellen Joeres
  • Naomi Scheman
  • Mary Thacker
  • Joyce Camp
  • Dwight Anderson
  • Eric & JoAnn Pasternak
  • Betty & Harold Zats
  • Clifton W. Gray
  • Ellis Dye
  • Carol Tauer
  • John R. Hall
  • Ray & Lee Schreurs
  • Robert D. Langford
  • Ellie Fregni
  • Jean Marker De Vere
  • Wyn Massey
  • Paul Kile
  • Lana K Pemberton
  • Mary Zink
  • Judith Pryor
  • Mary C. Preus
  • Crystal L. Bloecher
  • Kay Miller
  • Mary Borgh
  • Lorrie Holmgren
  • Mary Newten
  • Joyce Brown
  • Mia Lundgren
  • Bill Scheer
  • Sofia Ardalan
  • Linda M. Donaldson
  • Robert DuFault
  • Andrew Pope
  • Marilyn Benson
  • David Crockett
  • Anthony Boutelle
  • Laura Weber
  • Irene Larson
  • David Cook
  • Charlotte Williams
  • Eleanor Glewwe
  • Jim Rummel
  • Peter Van deWalker
  • Scott Lykins
  • Charlotte Nicholes
  • Dagmar Romano
  • Jeffrey Van
  • Molly & Bill Woehrlin
  • Claire Kestenbaum
  • James J. D’Aurora, Ph.D.
  • William Rappaport
  • Ray Luedeke
  • Eric Godfrey
  • Janet Quinto
  • Elizabeth Runge
  • Holly Leighton
  • Laura Eash
  • Dave Assemany
  • Marjorie Carlson
  • Nancie Litin
  • Bill Rosenfeld and Jody Winger
  • Therese Cowl
  • David Hempel
  • James F. Giles
  • Laura Lehmann
  • Gale Sharpe
  • Grayce Hartman
  • Barb Sommer
  • Michael Walk
  • Peter DeG. Cross, MD
  • Joanne Engelking
  • Mary F. Hill
  • Ken Bearman & Karla Larsen

10 Responses to “About SOSPCO”

  1. FE December 7, 2012 at 2:23 pm #

    I’m disappointed that nowhere here is it addressed that the rank and file staff, who are lucky to make half of the musicians’ base salary, have had their pay frozen for years and their workloads increased. They have borne the brunt of these difficult financial times and the SPCO could not exist without them either.

    • Sandi Sherman December 17, 2012 at 9:04 am #

      That is a great point. I have been thinking about the rank and file staff a lot lately, since I am similarly employed at the U of M and have faced the same kind of disrespect. Oh yes, we are told that we are very crucial, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and while we watch our numbers diminish and our workloads increase, with no salary increases, we know that talk is cheap. I sincerely hope that all SPCO musicians and their supporters will do a better job of acknowledging this injustice as well.

    • Brenda Mickens February 11, 2013 at 4:49 pm #

      Believe me, as a musician in the orchestra, we appreciate the hard work of our staff. The fact that we as musicians are able to stick together and have negotiating power because we are in a representative Musicians Union is the only reason we have historically been paid fairly. We have no control over what the wages of the staff are, that is a management decision, but if more money was paid into development efforts, more would be raised, and more would be available to pay staff salaries as well as maintain a complete orchestra at competitive wages. We all have an interest in more effective fund-raising, from NEW SOURCES (not from the same donors who have given so much for so long!) And musicians have tried to help with this, without much response from our top management.

  2. Clifton W Gray January 9, 2013 at 12:00 pm #

    Add my name to supporters.

    • SOSPCO Chair January 9, 2013 at 5:28 pm #


    • Ellis Dye January 11, 2013 at 8:57 am #

      Please list me as a supporter. I’ll do what I can.

  3. Wyn Massey January 22, 2013 at 11:04 am #

    Please list me as a supporter.

  4. Craig Lewis January 27, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

    It is so sad to see artistic organizations in this country being taken over by black suits and ties with calculators in their pockets, send them all back to their business schools they came from and lock the doors on them. Arts organizations boards should be made up of at least 50% of the membership by performers and the others should be supporters. Whenever boards for the arts become made up of accountants and bankers, get ready for cuts, because these lazy people want to sit at their desk and look important and be allowed to lay off and fire people as they wish. Their only way they know how to make things work is to cut and fire, they dont have the personalities or intellectual ability to go out and build more support, especially in tough times since they are too lazy to work hard. Show me one banker who works hard. The management of the SPCO should be working for the musicians …redo your organization under the musicians, form the NEW SPCO and start all over and leave the dorks standing scratching their heads and wondering how their Strategic Plan Failed. Set up your own new concert schedule and program, get a contract for the NEW SPCO at a venue or place suitable to you. IN fact, if the musicians in Mpls/St. Paul were smart, both organizations would do this jointly and re-form as two newly constituted groups under the same world class musicians with managments who answer to them, and only to them.

  5. dagmar February 5, 2013 at 9:29 am #

    Please add me to your list of supporters. The “house” concerts – like the one last night at Cadenza Music – are wonderful! Reminds of the delight of intimate music making in a home 9or store :-) setting… Is it possible to organize more of these – I’d be happy to buy a ticket for a house concert – maybe others would also join in this…. Is there more that we can do – apart from signing the petition???

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